Happy New Year...2018 is here!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It's been so long since I have written blog, but with a new website and a new year, I felt compelled to kick off the year with a blog. It has been an amazing year for me and my business. I moved to Washington, DC in October of 2016 from my hometown of Johns Island, SC and I hit the ground running!  Since the move I have presented and provided services for three retreats in Hilton head, SC; Raleigh, NC; and Baltimore, MD. I have secured several corporate chair massage accounts all over the DMV and I have provided complimentary and paid chair massage services for several different events. In addition to that, I have presented several health and wellness workshops with my partner Docta Yew ( Yuma Bellomee) of Yew 360 Wholistic Health and Wellness. I also finally started teaching my Kukuwa African Dance Class as well as Egyptian Yoga at a local studio in Clinton, Maryland: Fitgurl Pilates.  

Needless to say, 2017 has definitely been a year of exploration and growth and I am grateful to the Washington, DC/DMV area for accepting this crazy 'ol Geechee Girl and her small mobile business. So what's next? Well, for 2018 I am looking to take things to the next level. I will be offering online webinars, courses as well as increase the number of products and services that I offer. For example, I became a Reiki Master last year after being a Level 2 Reiki practitioner for over 12 years. I will be incorporating more Reiki services into my practice and I look forward to certifying students as well.  New products to look forward to are amazing aromatherapy blends, a detox cleanse called the DROP IT Cleanse as well as ebooks on various subjects as it pertains to women's health and health in general. So as you can see, my plate is full but I am up to the challenge! 

I am confident to say that the year 2018 is going to be transformational across the board. My question to you is , Are you ready? I know the phrase "New year, new me" has grown popular, but I hope that you will adopt the idea of "New year, Improved Me". I believe that we all are surrounded by the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools that we need to take our lives and our health to the next level. It is up to us to utilize these tools as they become available/recognized. It is my hope that you will tap into yourself and do what you need to to do to transform. Know that you're so worthy to be happy, healthy and whole. Here's to us all having an amazing year....Happy 2018!