Egyptian Yoga

private/group/corporate classes

Egyptian Yoga is an Ancient form of yoga based on the culture of Ancient Egypt, then known as Kemet.

The benefits of Egyptian Yoga are not just physical, they are psycho-spiritual as well. This series of postures and breathing exercises based on ancient Egyptian mythology stimulates body, mind, spirit and collective self-awareness.

Attaining Smai Tawi, meaning the "union of two lands," is the purpose of practicing Egyptian yoga. Smai Tawi is the state of connection between your consciousness and that of the Divine, or Universal Consciousness.

Egyptian yoga exercise give you physical benefits like stronger muscles, better posture and improved flexibility. The practice of Egyptian yoga also increases energy. Egyptian yoga exercises may aid people who are suffering from asthma, arthritis, stress and even substance abuse.
Personal Egyptian Yoga Lessons:
Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, a small group or a semi private, or one-on-one sessions with me can enhance your yoga practice.

Personal Yoga lessons are ideal for newcomers to yoga, athletes who are looking to enhance or complement their current training regimen, or for those who wish to go deeper in their yoga practice with a cultural twist. Yoga can help you to strengthen your back, gain flexibility, in problem areas like your hips and shoulders, it can help to decrease stress levels, bring clarity to the mind as well as provide the practitioner with an overall feeling of well being.

I offer private Egyptian yoga sessions: A private yoga session creates a very sacred space for you to truly unwind and enjoy the one- on- one instruction which in turn creates a genuine tranquil experience. 

60 minute private sessions prices are as follows:
One- On- One lessons: $45

Two Person Semi-Private session: ( price per group) $70
Three - Five People group Lessons: (price per group) $100

Restorative Yoga Package

Make a commitment to live a happier, healthier life and $ave $$

6- 60 Minute Private Sessions $250  (only available for one-on-one private lessons)
*Group sessions for more than 5 people are available.... contact us for more information.

Holistic Health Consultations

in person/skype/phone • 60 MINUTES $100

In this 1-1/2 hour consultation, we will talk about what your wellness goals are, what is holding you back, utilize several holistic health analysis tools like a dermagrid scan, and others to help us determine a Holistic Wellness plan that will work for you, and your present situation. 

We may also discuss teas, herbal supplements, dietary changes based on your health history, and other daily routine changes to help you progress in a positive way forward. These maybe changed or modified in follow-up sessions.



Womb Sauna Vaginal Detox

A Soulful Touch Wellness is proud to now offer the herbal vaginal detox steaming service known as the Womb Sauna. The concept of vaginal steaming is not a new one, healers from indigenous Africa, Mayan, Native American, Caribbean and Asian cultures have all adopted this method of combining herbs and steam for medicinal use for the vagina and reproductive organs for centuries.

A Soulful Touch Wellness offers the womb sauna service as a mobile sauna treatment that provides a vaginal herbal steam treatment in the comfort of your home. This treatment provides aid and support in the detoxing and overall wellness of the vagina and reproductive system, by incorporating holistic health counseling with guided breath work, facilitated stretching and yoga postures to open the hips, increasing circulation to the womb, and removing tension in the back and pelvis. 

The Womb Sauna experience at A Soulful Touch Wellness transcends the idea of just sitting over a steaming pot of herbs; it provides you with an opportunity to connect to your womb and learn your womb's story through a very sacred and ancient process. Attaining and maintaining womb wellness is a lifelong process, and with the womb sauna experience you can facilitate the ability to rejuvenate and cleanse your womb. This technique is non-invasive and provides support for individuals who may be having some womb issues as well as those who are looking to maintain their general womb health.

Sessions start at $90.  Packages are available. 

DermaGrid Nutritional Scan 

Your skin is a great indication of your internal health. When your skin does not heal well other underlying issues can be the cause.

This unique system seeks to identify a range of randomized markers and associated nutrient combinations that are correlated to the supportive needs of 32 primary intrinsic functions.  The combination of nutrients highlighted with each scan can serve as supportive indicators that may address imbalances.  Such imbalances can be reflected in skin characteristics over time. 

Every living person on our planet is exposed to and must interact with a myriad of environmental factors which directly influence their overall appearance and wellness.  The human body ingests and processes a wide range of dietary and chemical formulations whose effects can generally be described as beneficial, neutral or detrimental.  The skin itself can reflect aspects of the body’s internal supportive needs based on this intake.

This scan compares a picture of the back of your hand to 5000 documented skin conditions that are related to nutritional deficiencies.  The report finds your top 20 nutritional needs with a list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutritional support programs recommended. You will also see if your skin age is greater than your actual age.

This technology can be use with anyone in the world, from anywhere in the world. It's as simple as completing the above questionnaire and sending in a picture of the back of your hand. DermaGrid scans only (without consultation) are $35; and DermaGrid Scan with Consultation is $100. 


Ear Candling is a safe, simple, non-invasive natural cleansing method for the ears. This process uses long hollow Ear Candles to loosen and help the body release earwax and other debris from the ear canal. This relaxing treatment improves mental clarity and balances fluids that may cause headaches and migraines. It also known to reduce ringing of the ears, relieve dizziness, reduce fluid build up in the middle ear, help with sinus infections and TMJ, relieve swimmers ear and reduce inner ear pressure. This treatment includes 4 candles ( 2 in each ear) additional candles used are $7 each.