“Herbal bath tea testimonial: If you want to feel like a king or queen.........indulge yourself in a nice hot tea bath.....it’s the next best thing to Paradise!!! Thank you sis and I WILL be ordering more!!! ((Hugs))”
— Erika Morrison, Houston, Texas

“Thanks to LaDawn Frasier’s couple’s massage seminar, I was able to understand how important touch can be in maintaining (a) relationship. She gave my empress and I clear instructions , powerful information and one more intimacy building ritual to add to our arsenal for long term success. Ever since the workshop not a week has gone by where we don’t exchange massages, we are having fun learning all the techniques of massage and becoming closer at the same time. I think all couples serious about building long term bonds can benefit from the art of massage”
— Neter Aunkh Aakhu (Kemetic Yoga Master) Miami, FL

“It is with esteemed pleasure that I endorse Ms. LaDawn Frasier, owner and operator of a Soulful Touch Wellness, LLC. Although LaDawn and I have been friends since college, I never experienced one of her magical massages until last year (2010). As an avid, quality massage seeker, I am always skeptical of services. My first experience was during homecoming at Claflin University. I didn’t know how I would relax and enjoy an outdoor massage. Needless to say when I awoke from my massage I was thoroughly pleased. Can you imagine having a service so relaxing that you not only forget that you are outdoors, but you also forget about everyone and everything around you? NEVER before have I had such a luxurious experience. I HIGHLY recommend the services of Ms. LaDawn Frasier and A Soulful Touch Wellness.
— Dr. B. DaNine J. Fleming, Summerville, SC

”My first massage was during the Charleston Spa Party. The massage was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend LaDawn’s services!”
— Doretha W. Jenkins (Ridgeville, SC)

A Soulful Touch Wellness was a deep soul healing experience! It was the best massage experience I’ve ever had. I felt like not only did my body receive therapy but also my soul. I just had one done this week and scheduled another for tomorrow.
— Jennifer Jennings, GA

The Geechee Goddess Grab Bag is not just another prescription box! I ordered the 3 month grab bag and received a wonderful variety of wellness goodies. From the Aromatherapy diffusor bracelet, herbal tea blends, custom made notecards, pulse point oils, earrings & oh, the Lemongrass Lip Balm. What’s not the Love!
— D.K., Washington, DC

As a runner, I have included pre and post race massages as a part of my overall training program. The Massage Club membership provides an affordable way to me to incorporate massages before/after my races in the Low Country. Just need to figure out a way to take Khetnu and her massage table on my runcations :-)
As a business traveler, I live in airports and hotels. This lifestyle has impacted my sleep patterns. I was hesitant to take pills or other sleep aids, so I reached out to Khetnu. After drinking your Carolina Dream tea blend on Saturday, I had the best night of sleep in a long time!!! Had to make sure I didn’t sleep through Sunday. LOL.
In summary, I highly recommend A Soulful Touch Wellness!!!
One very satisfied client
— Tracey S., Charleston, SC

Professional services done to truly heal and not just to make money! I strongly recommend A Soulful Touch Wellness!
— Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah Geechee Nation

I just had a Reiki and Chakra clearing session with Khetnu…. It was A-ma-zing! Words can’t even describe how I feel right now. Her energy is beautiful and pure! I will book her again in the near future!
— Chef TR Robinson, Charleston, SC

Very well rounded in the wellness support arena, from offering a state-of-the-art health scan, to therapeutic herbal tea blends, to one of the most top-notch massages I’ve received in my life, all topped with a caring and relatable personality, A Soulful Touch Wellness stays true to its name!
— Yuma Bellomee, Yew360.com